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    Update #1: The First Few Months

    Hello, everyone! This is my first big update since I have been in China. So, so much has happened but I will try to keep this sweet and to the point.…

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    The Parthenon

    Today we went to the Acropolis in Athens. It was a remarkable experience that no history book and bring justice to. The top picture is my favorite. The geometry behind the…

  • Blog Greece Travel


    After Kalambaka, we headed for Berea (Veria). Pictured above is the memorial of St. Paul. Now, tradition says that this is the exact spot where Paul spoke to the Jews in…

  • Blog Greece Travel

    Meteora cont.

    We got to the top of Meteora and toured a monastery up there. No, I don’t remember the name at this second but I’ll edit this post later when I’m not…

  • Blog Greece Travel


    Tuesday morning, we went and visited Meteora. This mountain is home to 20 monasteries. Only six of which are still functioning. The top left picture of the Monastery of St. Thomas.…

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    After Delphi, on our way to Kalambaka, we stopped by Thermopyle Pass where the battle of Thermopyle occurred. Maybe you’ve seen the movie “300”?  You have? Great. Forget everything in the movie.…