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Climbing a Mountain

So, today, a few of us got a little bored around the hotel. So we did what any rational bored person would do. We climbed a mountain. This mountain is located right behind our hotel. Dr. Edwards even drove us to the base. If you look at the second picture, we went to that really big point on the right. It took two hours to reach the summit and we took several breaks. The pictures in the middle are about halfway up underneath the shade of a tree.

Then, we reached the summit and that’s what the panoramic picture is of. Be sure to click on it and look at the depth of the picture. Glyfada, the area where we live, is directly down the mountain from us. If you look off to the right, you can see downtown Athens, and now look to the coast. That is probably the bay that Paul sailed into before he got on the Pan-Athnian Way. 

It was truly a breathtaking experience.

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