Day 12: Run, Run As Fast As You Can

Have you ever avoided praying because you knew what God was going to tell you?

I have. Recently. And I can’t continue avoiding it. 

Jonah is an interesting fellow. He sought to run from God. He believed he knew the hearts of Ninevah. Why would he try to save them? I mean, they slap people with fishes*!

Jonah kind of placed himself above the Ninevites. He avoided God because he knew what he was going to tell him. And he was swallowed by a fish for it..

No, really.

Sure, it’s scary. Sure, it’s not what you had planned for your life. It doesn’t make any sense and you have no idea why you are where you are. Why you were sent where you were. But, you can’t help but feel a greater importance for why you are where you are. 

You question why you can’t be like your other friends who have it all together. Or why you have to be somewhere else rather than where you want to be. It sucks at times. But, through the depression, shines moments of happiness that make you realize why you do what you do. 

This is what I have been feeling recently. I think I finally get it, Jonah. You were the laughing stock of Sunday school Bible lessons for getting swallowed by a fish, but I understand what you were feeling. 

When I was doing mission work in Jamaica, they would sing a song about Jonah. There’s a line that says “Where are you going, brother Jonah?” Do you ever wonder if Jonah questioned that himself? Like, really, what is my big plan here? I’m going to the complete opposite place of where I’m supposed to go, but I’ll take it one step at a time. Then, when Jonah was forcefully put back on course with the help of something that I’m sure had to look like a huge flounder from The Little Mermaid (oh, like that’s not how you pictured it when you were little), he probably asked himself the same thing. Where, oh where, am I going?

While I’m still not sure myself, my prayer is that it will be revealed to us. For those of us whom it has been revealed to, I pray that we accept that invitation with open arms, or may we be swallowed by free willy. 

Breathe in. Breathe out.

*Points if you caught the Veggie Tales reference. 

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