Day 14: How To Be Here

A couple of days ago, I wrote about Jonah and how to embrace where we have been called to go – physical or spiritual. 

It just so happens that Rob Bell just put out a book about how to do just that. It’s titled How To Be Here. I read through it and, well, it makes some good points. 

Again, not to spoil anything, let’s talk about the name and what it means to be somewhere. 

To have a presence. To have your being in a place – whether it be emotional, spiritual, or physical. 

However, the problem doesn’t come with being somewhere. It comes with being comfortable and confident about where you are. 

Are you happy when you wake up every morning? What is it that gets you out of bed every day? When you are working, what else is on your mind? Are you happy with where you are – again emotionally, spiritually, or physically?

It’s a difficult thing to see, and an even harder thing to confront. 

How do we live with the choices we’ve made, the path we’ve chosen, our circumstances, whether they be our fault or not, and our situation as a whole? What if we make the next wrong decision? What if our world won’t be what everyone else’s looks like? What if mine isn’t as glamorous? Or I don’t make as much money as he does? 

We immediately become our own worst enemy when we play the what-if game. We become prisoners to our brain, which is, honestly, far too logical for it’s own good sometimes. 

Today, my prayers is that we turn off our brains and let ourselves believe in where we are. And if that isn’t possible, that we allow ourselves to make our next big move. Whether that be down the street, a new job, or a new country/culture. Let’s embrace the opportunities we have, and the talents and abilities we can utilize to make where we are the best place it can be, and the best place for ourselves.

Breathe in. Breathe out. 

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