Day 15: How Is It Going?

Wow-wee. We’re already half way done? How can that even be possible? 

I haven’t posted my thoughts from the past few days, but bare with me. I’ll get them up soon. This has been a long week. 

The point of this post is to give everyone an idea about how everyone is feeling so far. It’s been 15 days and it’s time to assess where we have been taken, where we might be going, if we are going anywhere at all, and what all of it means. 

First off, it’s been overwhelming reading what you guys are writing. It’s such an encouragement to me to read your words from half a world away and know that I’m certainly not alone. I can’t describe to you how incredible it is. 

Seriously, thank you. 

I told you about some great people who have their own blogs that do some really great work. As it turns out, aside from their participation, one of my oldest and dearest friend, Dylan Welch, decided that if he was going to do the challenge, he was going to do it right. He went and made an entire website as a platform to talk about his journey. Incredible! If you have a chance, swing by his website at mustardseedmentality@wordpress.com

This entire thing process has been beautiful and so motivating. It’s helping me realize a lot, not just about the divine, but myself as well. 

This past week has been a rough one. Lots of decisions are coming my way soon, some I may not want to face, but this month has been giving me a special type of ease that I have never really felt before. I had the whole idea for this on a Sunday afternoon when I was writing a blog about Easter. It just came to me, basically in an instant and then I was mesmerized. I began working and trying to get everything together, like what I was going to study/read, trying to line up some other people to do it with me, take photos, and figure out what all of it meant and why it just came to me. 

I think God knew about the decisions I was going to be making and I think he wanted me to know to have some peace of mind about it all. Otherwise, I would be a mess (more so than usual). 

Again, I can’t thank you all enough for being with me through all of this and taking this journey with me. We are only half way there, but I know we can keep going and push through. 

Breathe in. Breathe out.

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