Day 8: A Divine Conspiracy

A conspiracy. A secret plan by group to something unlawful or harmful. 

For today’s reading, I read part of Dallas Willard’s book, The Divine Conspiracy. I don’t want to go into too much detail about the book so not to spoil anything because it’s a book everyone should read. I would like to instead focus on the name and a few different things that I drew from the title. 

I’ve always felt strongly that the divine is something that we can’t understand, and something we shouldn’t understand. But, mankind has a strong desire to know that which is unknown. We seek more knowledge and understanding to help us advance, or so we think. It’s been a recurring theme in humanity ever since the writer of Genesis tells us about the creation of the world which I discussed earlier in this challenge. There are even whole organizations that devote themselves to uncovering the mysteries, and even attempting to prove the existence, of the divine. 

This, frankly, has always left me puzzled. And I ask myself the question: Why try proving something that doesn’t need proving?

Human beings over the past few centuries have moved from a mystical, even spiritual, way of looking at the world to a logical and scientific ‘every question has an answer and every thing has purpose for existing’. We simply can’t put the divine into this box. Why? Because we created the box. The dimensions aren’t big enough. Our language isn’t profound enough. And we can’t contain something that is beyond us. 

It truly is a conspiracy. We are seeking to bring the divine down to our playing field where we can understand it and put it into a box it was never meant to be in. It won’t work. This plan of ours does sound quite unlawful and, in fact, harmful. 

Sometimes in life, there are things that can’t be explained. No matter what you call these things, or how you feel about them, they do happen. Unsolved mysteries, or medical miracles, or just plain miracles in general. People call these conspiracies, but I think we are fooling ourselves. 

As we are on this search for the divine, let’s be open to not finding all of the answers we want. Let’s be open to not understand everything that we see, here, or believe. Yes, I said believe. Let’s be open to new experiences, perspectives, ideas, and let it take us to places where we’ve never been before. Sure, pray for understanding. I have been. But don’t let our yearning for understanding become our guiding factor. Instead, let our misunderstanding be what draws us toward something bigger, something that can’t be out in a box, something mystical, something we don’t know. 

Breathe in. Breathe out. 

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