There’s no complete guide on how to make it through life. Maybe these will be as helpful to you on your journey as they have been to me on mine. 


The Robcast

 Rob Bell is a pastor, author, and former minister

at Mars Hill in Grand Rapids, MI. His podcast

is full of interviews as well as new ideas

and perspectives on spirituality. 


Ethos Podcast


Ethos could be considered a ‘home church’

of mine. They are located in Nashville, TN.

They update every week with lessons

from different campuses. 



What We Talk About When We Talk About God


In What We Talk About When We Talk About God,

Rob shows how traditional ideas have

grown stale and dysfunctional and how to

return vitality and vibrancy to lives of faith today.

 Not a fan


Kyle calls into question whether or not

we are true, committed followers of

Jesus in his book Not a fan.


 Velvet Elvis


Rob offers original and refreshingly

personal perspectives on what Christianity

is truly all about in Velvet Elvis.


The Irresistible Revolution




Shane uses unconventional examples from

his own life to stir up questions about the

church and the world, while challenging

readers to truly live out their Christian faith.


Everything Belongs


Fr. Richard Rohr challenges people to move

beyond the comfort of a settled life toward

an understanding of themselves that is rooted

in their connection to God.

The Divine Conspiracy


Willard skillfully weaves together biblical

teaching, popular culture, science, scholarship,

and spiritual practice, revealing what it means

to “apprentice” ourselves to Jesus.