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I’m glad you want to do this. You aren’t alone. If you’re just searching for answers, to learn more about yourself, or to have a relationship with something bigger than all of us, I hope you can find what you’re looking for through this. 

I’ve gathered a small community of bloggers that are doing this with me. Rachel McGuire over at, and Kristen Sturdivant at I’m thankful for them and excited to begin this journey with them and all of you. Be sure to check out their blogs for their own journey through this as well. 

Here’s how it works. For 31 days, we are going to read, pray, and write about our relationship with God, or the divine, or whatever you feel comfortable calling it. There is no set curriculum, and that’s the beauty of it. Make it your own. See where you are lead to. For those of you who would like something to follow, I will share mine with you if you want to read along with me. If mine doesn’t interest you, which is fine, (remember this is for YOU) I would suggest these sites as some good places to start. For the ladies, check out, Likewise for the guys, look up Both of these sites have daily readings and plans if that’s something you are looking for. However, if this whole thing is a little new to you and you don’t know where to start, please don’t be discouraged. Rob Bell has a phenomenal study called What Is The Bible? on tumblr. I would highly recommend that for anyone looking for some answers.

Also, if you would like a little more conversation, feel free to message me anytime. While our timezones are a little different, I read my email every day. You can also drop me a line on Facebook or Twitter and I promise that I’ll get back to you. 

Now, with that aside, let’s get down to the meat of this process. 

Every day, we will set aside some time, how ever much you want, and read something. Anything. Some scripture, a book, and then focus on it. Focus on how it can apply to building a relationship and what relationships look like. Then, we’ll pray about it. Pray that we are given new ideas, perspectives, and paths to improve our relationship with God. After that, and this is the hard part, I want us to write about it. In a journal, on the web, whatever you feel lead to do. While posting things on the web for other people to share in is a big part of this challenge, I understand that there are a lot of things that are too private to post about. I ask that you please use your best judgement in what you do post. You’re smart. Be smart. Each day can be about whatever you are lead to, what you think about a particular passage, or how you’re feeling that day. 

The only days with set topics are Day 1 and Day 31. 

On Day 1, I want us to write about where we are currently in this relationship, and we have to be honest. To repair something, the first thing we have to do is admit it’s broken. No fluff, no sugar coating, no justification or excuses. Just pure, raw emotion and feeling. 

On Day 31, I want us to write about where we have been lead to in this process. If it hasn’t lead you anywhere, write about it. If it’s taken you through darkness, write about it. We are searching for realization. Again, no fluff. 

Here are a few guidelines:

1.There is no set time you have to do this every day, but you do have to do it every day. A lot of people try to push you to wake up early, but if you’re like me, your brain barely operates early in the mornings. Do this at a time when you can best sit down and focus on it. This may involve you moving your schedule around a little bit. 

2. You don’t have to post what you write every day. There are days that our thoughts might be too private to post. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t share them, just use your best judgement with where to share them. Also, we all have busy schedules. It’s hard to make time to post every day. I will post as many days as I can, but I’m sure I won’t be able to every day along with my regular blog schedule. However, I will always try to keep everyone informed about where I am in the journey.

3. While the posting is optional, the writing is not. Every day, we have to study, pray, and write, even if you don’t post it. Maybe keep a journal to keep for later. Prayers are great, but there is something convicting about putting words to paper. Psychologically, it helps your brain understand what you are feeling when you write. Please, remember to write. If you never want to post anything, that’s fine. But remember, the more you post, the more you can encourage and be encouraged. 

4. Lastly, be humble. We are all vulnerable. For many people, taking off the social media mask for one post is hard enough. Don’t throw stones. We are all searching. None of us have all the answers or have this figured out. 

Remember, the more you post, the more you can encourage others and be encouraged by others. This won’t be easy and we can only do it if we are all willing to help each other.

We’ll start April 1st and finish May 1st. When you post, use the hashtag #MY31PRAYERS so we can all keep up with you, pray for you, and support and encourage you along the way. 

Breathe in. Breathe out. 

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