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One thing I have definitely picked back up since I’ve been living stateside again is my monthly comic book pull-box at my local comic shop. With the recent peak in interest in comic books over the last several years, I actually have lots of people ask me what to read, where to start reading, or how to even read comic books. While all of these are questions deserving of an answer to peak and interest new readers, all I want to do today is tell you a little bit about what I’m reading currently. Comic books can get really expensive really quickly so you want to know what to keep and what to cut out of your monthly reading habits. 

So, let’s start with the least of them. 

I grew up more of a Marvel kid. With Spider-Man being my favorite superhero, I obviously wanted more to do with the heroes and villains of his universe. Which is why it pains me to say that Marvel right now is just not doing too hot in the comic book category. Now, movies, and to some degree TV shows, they’re killing it. Simply killing it. But their comics seem to be lacking here of late. I kind of fell off of Marvel in 2011 when issue #700 of TASM came out and I, like many others, got frustrated.* With that being said, I have picked back up one Marvel comic. That being the continuation of Peter Parker and his journeys as both the wall-crawler and CEO of Parker Industries. While I do enjoy some of the moments the book offers me, I find myself more reading it just out of pure dedication to the character at this point. Not saying it’s bad, but it’s definitely not the Spidey comic I prefer. 

Now, to give Marvel some credit, they have a (new?) re-hashing of the Marvel Comic-verse coming later this year. Titled Marvel Legacy, they are seeking to do some of what DC’s Rebirth did for their own universe back mid-2016. It seems to be bringing back some classic, not-so-current-characters, like one’s that are now featured in the MCU, and begin using original numberings for classic comics, like The Amazing Spider-Man, which will be definitely be nice for new comers to comics.

Speaking of DC, they are crushing it with their comics currently. My brother was always a big DC guy and, while I watched more than my fair share of Justice League, Batman the Animated Series, and Batman Beyond, I never real dove too deeply into the DC comic-verse. I would read several arcs recommended to me by my brother, but certainly never stayed too current. Well, that all changed with Rebirth. Ever since Rebirth, I have been reading way more DC than I ever have in my entire life. 

I am currently reading both Justice League Rebirth and The Justice League of America Rebirth. I generally read JL to keep up with other main characters in the DCU. JLA, however, just finished their first big arc and, while it’s good, it hasn’t hooked me yet. I am going to stick out a little while longer to see what they have planned for this interesting team-up Batman has assembled. 

On that same note, I am also reading both Titans and Teen Titans. While Titans is my preferred of the two, Teen Titans is still keeping my attention. They just finished up a crossover with Deathstroke called the Lazarus Contract, which was pretty good and answered a couple of my personal questions about the two superhero teams. Overall, I see good things to come for these comics. 

Now for two I read just for kicks – The Flash Rebirth and Batman Rebirth. While the both of these just had a really cool crossover called The Button, where, to put it simply, some wild things happened, their individual comics are good as well. I mean, Batman just had a team-up with Swamp Thing. What more could you want?

Here comes my top three for what I’m reading. Taking number 3 and 2 respectively are Super Sons and All-Star Batman Rebirth. Super Sons is about Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s son and current iteration of Robin, and Superman’s son Jon Kent, teaming up and whipping some bad guys. To put in perspective how funny this comic is, they just finished up their first 4 issue comic arc. At the end, they seemingly save the day only to see panels of Jon and Damian sneaking into his quiet family farm to have Lois and Alfred waiting on the two to seemingly punish the two young teens for sneaking out of their respective houses. HA! Pure gold. If you enjoyed the banter of Wally West and Dick Grayson from Young Justice, you’ll enjoy the humor here. The whole “my dad is better than your dad” is just the amazing, lighthearted humor you’d want from a comic like this. 

On to All-Star Batman Rebirth – it’s just good. So, SO good. Sadly, there is only one issue left in this 12 month series, but that means you can pick up the collection pretty soon and read it start to finish, which I might do as well. 

Number one on my list is.. *drumroll* .. 

Nightwing Rebirth! If you love Dick Grayson, and who doesn’t, you really will like this series. They’re doing good things. And with all of the Nightwing possibilities we have up in the air about a movie and possibly a live-action Titans TV show, AND a third season Young Justice coming soon, there’s no better time to pick up and start reading about this former circus performer, turned superhero, turned secret agent, turned even cooler superhero extraordinaire. The first arc titled Better than Batman, is just so good and leads him to be the defender of Bludhaven. The most recent arc, Nightwing Must Die, features a team-up with the former boy wonder (Nightwing) and the current boy wonder, (Damian Wayne) which has some really good back-and-forth banter, mostly from Damian’s overinflated ego, and is definitely worth picking up as well. 

Do there you have it. That’s what I’m currently reading. Clearly I’m more for DC right now, but your list will look different. The easiest way to get into comics is to simply go to your local shop and pick up a few random issues. See what you like. If you like a certain movie or TV show’s character(s), then grab a copy of their newest issue. I’m thinking about making a good history of comic books list with some of my favorite, and some of the most prominent, story arcs from the past to give anyone a solid foundation of comic books. But that’s a bigger project than I currently have time for. This should get you started though. 

TL;DR I’m reading The Amazing Spider-Man even though it, or Marvel, isn’t “wowing” me. I’m also reading Justice League Rebirth, The Justice League of America Rebirth, The Flash Rebirth, Batman Rebirth, All-Star Batman Rebirth, Titans Rebirth, Teen Titans Rebirth, and Nightwing Rebirth. Most importantly though, read what you like and want to read. 

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